Monday, December 8, 2008

Organic jewels

A bit later than expected...too many interesting things to do ... I will explain about a very interesting workshop I attended some time ago in Barcelona's Raval : I learn several ancient textile techniques which can be used in jewelery: using natural fibers, palm leaves, tissue bits... The one I loved most is weaving a bracelet with palm tree leaves . This technique comes from North of Africa, most probably from Morocco, from an infant game called "étire-doigts" (Je me demande si mes amies Hasnaa et Fatiha le connaîssent...?).

I highly recommend you to visit the school's web:-

Now I am learning to OXIDIZE and create a patina on metals. A patina is a film or color on an object's surface which appears as a result of use or time. As the natural process requires time, you can change the appearance of metal through chemical products. The color is the result to air exposure and the effect of several particles on the metal surface. If you heat the metal, the oxidation produces wonderful colors. To produce this blue, I put this copper bracelet during several days into a plastic container with a mix of vinegar (1/4) and ammonia liquid (3/4) , to recreate something similar to marine conditions, then I rubbed it with a glass paper and covered it with sawdust hermetically for several days . The result is a vibrant bluish green color.

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